Documenting Quality: A Teacher’s Guide to Creating a Classroom Portfolio


Estimated Length: 3 hours 
Cost: $75.00 (USD) 
Enrollment Valid For: 90 days 


*Special Note: If you arrive at Module 4, page 85 and the Sample Portfolio does not appear, please click here to access this content. 



Documenting Quality: A Teacher’s Guide to Creating a Classroom Portfolio is a self-paced, online course that addresses essential best-practices, organization tips, and practical strategies for guiding teachers in creating their own classroom portfolios. Learners will take an in-depth look at classroom portfolios to better understand what they are, how they’re put together, and the benefit they provide to the teachers who create them. Participants will view examples of classroom portfolio evidence and have the opportunity to work with sample documentation through a variety of hands-on learning activities. This course includes exclusive access to a sample portfolio created by NAEYC staff. 

Target Audience: This online program is designed for early childhood teaching staff and their administrators. It is also relevant for anyone involved in documenting young children’s learning experiences including faculty, trainers, consultants, students, and others. 


By completing the course, teachers will be able to:

  • explain the purpose of a classroom portfolio,
  • describe the benefits of creating a classroom portfolio, and
  • identify strategies for selecting and organizing portfolio evidence. 


  1. Welcome
  2. Module 1: Introduction to Classroom Portfolios
  3. Module 2: Constructing a Classroom Portfolio
  4. Module 3: Working with Sample Evidence
  5. Module 4: Viewing a Sample Portfolio
  6. Closing Activity


After completing the course, please submit feedback at


Upon successful completion of the course, the learner will receive a certificate documenting 3 clock hours of training.


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