Classroom-Based Assessment




Classroom-Based Assessment is a 3-hour online mini-course for teaching staff in center- and school-based programs for preschool children (ages 3- to 5-years old). This mini-course provides vital information for educators and program administrators on evidence-based assessment, observation and documentation within the classroom.

Using NAEYC’s research-based books and publications, video clips and interactive components, Classroom-Based Assessment provides a comprehensive overview of assessment, observation and documentation strategies for teachers. The information provided is intended to enhance a program’s existing child assessment system.

This online program is divided into three, 1-hour online modules that help to answer basic questions teachers have about classroom-based assessment, such as:

  •  What do preschool teachers need to know about assessment?
  •  When and how should preschool teachers collect work samples and photos as evidence of learning?
  •  How can teachers use assessment to guide decisions about curriculum & instruction?

Target audience: Early childhood educators

Clock hours: 3 hours of training, certificate provided